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hott_damn69's Journal

♥ whoaa hotties ♥
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Hey, this is a community for HOTTIEZ ;)

Must be @ least 13 to apply
Bold the questions on the app.
Be respectful
NO fakes
NO nudity
Don't post before you're accepted
Don't bitch if you're not accepted.
If you are rejected, you can reapply in 2 weeks.
If you can't handle rejection, this isn't the website for you.

Once you are accepted, you must:
Stay active
Post as often as possible (it doesn't matter what about)
Keep us updated with pictures


-The Basics-
Name -
Age -
Sex -
Location -
Dating Status -

Musician/Band -
Music Genre -
Song -
Movie -
TV Show -
Actress/Actor -
Clothing Store -
Color -
Feature -
Thing About the Opposite Sex-
Thing to Do with Friends -

-Your Views On-
Being in Love During HS -
College -
Homeschooling -
Premarital Sex -
Drugs/Drinking -
Homosexuality -

-Other Stuff-
Who do you look up to and why? -
If your life was a play, which one would it be? -
What song best describes your life? -
What are your goals in life? -
Do you believe in stereotypes? -
Tell us why we should let you in. -

Now, go and promote us in 2 communities or 5 journals and put the links here: -

And post 3 pictures of yourself.